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My XJ was my favorite vehicle in my 50 years of driving. Check your lines for any wetness and replace as necessary. If they are too bad that will cause your fluid to be low.

On my previous XJ the light was on all the time AFTER a full brake job.

Yea its indicating you have a brake problem, the sensor for it is on the proportioning valve right next to the master.

The sensor measures the pressure being sent to the front and rear brake systems so if the pads/shoes or rotor/drum is worn too much, the pressure for that system will not be correct giving you the light and crappy brakes.

My brake warning light on the dashboard has been illuminated for about the past 2 or 3 weeks. Its probably telling you that it needs a brake job.

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Luckily engineers are smart and made it where if the front brakes are lost, the rears are not and vice versa but it saved my butt.I lost my brakes coming down a mountain on a back road and totally thought i would end up at the bottom of the valley in something that looked more like a crushed beer can than a jeep.My brakes were working fine up until that point then poof no brakes.As suggested, I'd start by looking at brake fluid level, then front and rear bads/ shoes.1990 XJ Limited (4-door), 4.0 I6, AW4, NP242, ***rolled and totalled @ 165k miles*** ***Under construction*** 1990 XJ (4-door), 4.0 I6, AW4, NP242, PBR 42" tires, Unimog 404 portal axles, 110" WB, full cage uniframe completely rebuilt, front 3-link panhard / double triangulated 4-link rear,...

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