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It doesn't load up any of your old saves, or use the data from the first game in any way. Once you've dealt with Goto, return to Vogga for a reward, 500 credits and 2000 XP. SIDEQUEST: TSF Bounty, Escaped Criminals After getting this quest, the next time you go to the Czerka offices, you'll see the two criminals talking to Executive Lorso.

....................................................................... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i. You do not need to play Knights of the Old Republic 1 to enjoy this game. After returning from the yacht, you can negotiate with Vogga the Hutt to send fuel to Telos. Take the Shuttle back to Grenn for a reward, an item (Armorply Plating Mark II).

If you have an 18 DEX ( 4), then only 3 is used, the rest is wasted. From there you can offer your assistance in finishing the job.

An armor with a Max Dex bonus of 3 will allow only that. ------------------------------------------------------------------- . Mercenaries from Lorso will attempt to stop you, but will have to be stopped. (300 credits, 200 XP, LSP) GLITCH - Now, if you took the neutral way above, or started the light way and (lied) your way out of it, you can go to Lorso and tell her all about Batono hiding in the apartments.

This means that you get more Light Side Points out of it. (All skill rolls get a 1-20 your skill level to beat a DC) Also used for saving throws. You are hit when they "roll" higher than your defense. Ask about Batono, tell him that Lorso said he'd been here, then you have to [Persuade] him to tell you (always succeeds). He gives you the passkey and tells you to go to apartment C1.

Any action that moves you towards the light side is said to give you a Light Side Point. For larger LSPs, I sometimes use the term 2x LSP (or even 3x LSP). A lock might be a DC 15 lock, so your security skill has to be able to hit a 15. If you've been working for Czerka, he won't want to talk to you.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..:: Table of Contents ::.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i. The basic economic unit of the RPG is these bad boys, not "credits." LSP - Light Side Point. In my conversatin trees, I use INF to note gains in Influence, and -INF- to note losses in Influence. Basically a number you have to reach to do something. First, talk to the Czerka officer standing by the door at dock 3, area 126. She tells you that he spent a lot of time with the Ithorians. If it's your first time here, hit the Information Terminal to get the map, and so you can easily come back here later. You can tell the receptionist that you're here to see Chodo Habat (whether you're working for the Ithorians or Czerka doesn't matter, besides we are actually here to talk to Chodo).

Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will find the most up to date version of this FAQ at: Obviously this thing contains SPOILERS. However, in Ko TOR2, there is one major effect of this choice, the difference in whether you can pick up the Handmaiden character or the Disciple character. (100 XP) If you're going Light Side on this, listen to his entire plan first, then once you know what he's after, go and report it to Lt. (50 XP) He gives you a counter-mission, some fake goods (presumably) to give to Samhan and instructions on fooling him into making an illegal transaction. Agree to escort him to the docking bay, and you're transported to the Docks area. (500 Credits, 150 XP, LSP) Once he's in jail, Grenn thanks you, and you can say something.

__________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords FAQ/Walkthrough (XBox) ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ January 25, 2005 Version 1.1 Written by: Dan Simpson Email: [email protected] emailing me, use this subject: Star Wars: Knights 2 v 1.1 (Emails that don't use this subject will be deleted, avoid using all CAPS) Email Policy: (read before emailing me! Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is a property of . Lucasarts, Bioware and Obsidian, and all related marks are Trademarks, . Registered Trademarks, or Copyrights owned by the respective companies. Swag - another name for treasures, items, booty, shinies, junk, and other things that you'll pick up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii. Creating your Exile : IICYE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The "Exile" is your character, in addition to whatever you name him/her. If you want to win Ramana from the other Pazaak player here, you might want to buy cards off her.

) ================================================================= Got a question? Check the Frequently Asked Questions section first (it's before the walkthrough) to see if your question is already answered. Since most of the items you'll find are randomly determined by the game, and you'll get different things every time you play, I can't really say what you'll get (except in some specific instances). There are 3 main "classes" you can take, each with a male/female option. I'd recommend buying all her /- cards in stock, but unless you really know what you're doing, avoid the Flip 3&6 and Flip 2&4 cards. You can [Persuade] to get him to waive the 100 credit entrance fee.

: IBYSP: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rule #1: Save often. Rule #2: Never save over the first save when you get to a new planet. (Only possible if you change the Droid protocols) Leave them alone! If you destroy the first utility droid there without getting the Shutdown code, you will make your game unwinnable. Feats: Gearhead, Improved Gearhead, Conditioning, Shield Breaker* . (this appears for her whenever you kill innocents) Kreia....................................................................... SIDEQUEST: New Fuel Source This one gets "solved" out at Nar Shaddaa, although you never really complete it. Whatever you do, the only option that works is [Persuade], and if you fail Kreia bails you out. Tell him it's Batu Rem to get the information that he came from Nar Shaddaa (no, this isn't followed up on that planet).

Warning #1: Under no circumstances do you destroy the Console outside the Bumani Exchange Corp. Warning #2: Under no circumstances do you destroy ANY Utility Droids on Goto's Yacht. Generally she doesn't like you killing bystanders like this. so, you actually came out ahead from getting jailed. When you're done with all the sidequests below, look below for the walkthrough to the Ithorian/Czerka quests.

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