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Once he correctly answers enough questions to reach the bed, go at it.

The teasing aspect will drive up his lust, and he'll also learn new things about you.

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The numbers on the cards represent how long you have to do each action — so if you get the nine of diamonds, he has to give you a sensual rubdown for nine seconds.

You'll stand at one end of the table, with your guy at the other.

Then take turns trying to throw a ping-poll ball into the cups at the opposite end of the table from you.

Several sets of couples accept the dare to pour ice down each other's underpants with hilarious results, and then others are forced to allow the opposing team to draw on their faces with permanent marker.'Am I Harry Potter?!

' exclaims one woman as the other team draws giant glasses on her face, while the giggles of another pair of would-be artists reveals just what one man was now wearing on his face. 'Less of the couples were up to the dare of getting legally married and divorced, although one pair appeared to go for it upon learning that one of the members of the opposing team was ordained.

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