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, a decent try which might have worked better with Ali G at the helm or as a three-minute Daily Show segment (though then you couldn’t have ended with Spurlock’s moral: Most of our imagined enemies are actually nice people! As Spurlock said at the premiere, “There aren’t many wives who, when you say ‘I’m gonna go look for bin Laden,’ would say, ‘Sure, go ahead.’ “And she was pregnant!

The marital institution is scrutinized in the kitchen-sink musical A Catered Affair, in which middle-class people sing their feelings while dutifully making the bed and wiping dishes.

Meryl Streep and Robert Redford who are both film icons are not married, engaged, or even dating, despite what a skin care product pitch might claim.

The two have appeared on screen together in the 1985 film but besides that film are not romantically linked.

There is no way they can legally be married on top of those other marriages.

Szaggars moved in with Redford in the 1990s and shares his home in Sundance, Utah.

I’m just not sure that a small tale about whether a girl should have a big wedding or not screamed out to be musicalized, especially since—spoiler alert—she doesn’t have it! (I was way over in Brooklyn, where most “confirmed bachelors” were practically shot on sight.) But if Harvey says so, I’ll have to go with it. (Hand me the Tony now for worst segue of all time.) I told Dratch I loved her being so honest in that New York magazine item where she said her job offers have completely dried up, while her old SNL castmates are soaring. No, Dratch said, but at least she’s gotten some offers of sympathy. ”) And then came da Popes, one of them looking out into the gayish crowd and saying, “I do forgive you boys—especially the little ones!

Writer/actor Harvey Fierstein adds star power as the raspy uncle who openly describes himself as “a wee bit bent” and talks to a wedding planner about “my people.” Would such a gay exist in the Bronx in the ’50s? Whenever I’ve criticized him before, it’s always turned out he’s as right as black pumps are with a halter top. ” And that wasn’t the end of the preaching to the perverted. Speaking of women’s privates—as I so rarely do—let’s get back to Jodie Foster and the nagging issue of her closety silence.

I totally ate crow—along with the buffet—while talking theater with Kathie Lee as if we were long-lost BFFs. Even a gynecologist will tell women that after they defecate, they should wipe away from the vagina . And I’m now reminded that after his death, Randy’s mother told the Enquirer that she was desperate to know if Randy was the dad so she could have a relationship with her grandsons if that was the case.And then our star emerged onstage with that smile on, to assure us: “An actor is nothing! ” Yeah, sure, honey, now take your award and go back to your legendary life.Now, at last, I can use my original intro: The most despicable excuse for a human on the entire planet is the subject of Morgan Spurlock‘s documentary, Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden? As the Super Size Me creator travels around the Middle East looking for the world’s most wanted man—no, not Brad Pitt—he unearths lots of yakking about what’s right and wrong withboth sidesof the war on terror, though the film’s main hero ends up being his own white lady love.Turns out we both liked Grey Gardens a little more than Spring Awakening, about which she said, “Not every kid is that miserable! But of course, as with so many things, Jodie used her silence to prevent this possibility from actualizing.” And we agreed that Patti Lu Pone is astounding in Gypsy. Still, I love the woman and absolutely refuse to believe that as an actor or a person, she’s NOTHING!

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