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Almost up to his death Sir Hilary was giving advice on the renewed tensions between the United States and Pakistan.

Asked for comments on the implications of the killing in May of Osama bin Laden, he laboured valiantly to type his thoughts on his Blackberry from his hospital bed.

The plea was made to him 10 days short of his retirement.

He had been home for only a few weeks after finishing three years as British High Commissioner to Pakistan, but acknowledged he would have "kicked himself" if he had not taken up the challenge.

Hilary Nicholas Hugh Synnott was born in 1945 at Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, son of a naval commander.

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However, that still reflects a 43 per cent drop in satisfaction since February, when the measure stood at 102 points.

He was expecting later this year to travel to Muscat, Delhi and Islamabad, and had been a consulting senior fellow from 2004 with the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

Little supposing he had less than a year to live, the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee last October called him to give evidence about Pakistan and resolving the situation in Afghanistan, a question of personal interest in as well as professional, since he had two nephews in the Army.

His conclusion was: "There is no silver bullet." In his final two years he helped the Army by giving talks on Afghan local customs.

Sir Hilary, whose time as High Commissioner in Pakistan coincided with the 9/11 attacks, had seemed in recent months to be to some extent disillusioned with the Pakistan military, suggesting it had to look inward.

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